Remember, at this event you represent Alpha Gamma Omega or Alpha Delta Chi to the surrounding community and park officials. You are expected to maintain a high standard of personal integrity and responsibility; being inconsiderate of others or leaving a mess will NOT be tolerated at all.

Camping arrangements will be managed before-hand during registration; it is included in the cost of the event. Camping locations will be assigned based on the size of the chapter attending; all campsites are limited to 8 people.

Due to the size of the event, all persons intending to camp and/or park overnight MUST notify when registering in advance. This is in order to allow Kappa and local park officials to prepare the site for the expected number of people attending. Failure to notify in advance of camping or parking WILL result in a fine due to unexpected increases in facility usage.

Check-in for camping will last from Friday at 3:00PM until Saturday at 11:00AM. The check-in station will be clearly marked and at the front of the campsite. All persons and vehicles must check in before proceeding to their respective campsites.

In the morning, all campers should be out of their sites no later than 8:00AM (PST), failure to do so may result in your team arriving late to briefing and/or missing breakfast. Breakfast will open at the Oceano parking field at 7:30AM and close at 8:30AM.